Our story

How Best Bagel began...


Let’s go back to 1989.

Jusc started working at this crazy busy bagel shop in Boston! He was excited – as he had just recently arrived from Brazil to start his new journey in the United States.

Working several hours a week and doing a great job in his new venture, he was quickly promoted and had the chance to spend a few days in New York to learn the art of bagel making!

Coming back from his trip, Jusc received an offer from a coworker to start as a manager for a new store that he was opening in the Northshore. (This store is currently a well-known bagel shop in the area, loved by many locals!)

Surprised by the offer, he didn’t hesitate. He took the opportunity.

Fast-forward a few years, Jusc reencountered Silvio, an old friend that he knew back from his childhood in Brazil.

In 1995, Silvio was working as a baker in the same company as Jusc! What a coincidence, eh?

At the time, Silvio and Jusc talked about teaming up to build a business of their own, but ended up parting ways to commit to their own endeavors…

In 2016, finally, they meet up again and get a kick-start on the idea they had over 20 years ago.

Three years later, here we are! 

Best rated bagel shop on Yelp and Google in the Northshore area.

We take pride in bringing to you our bagels that we bake fresh every morning, with the same passion that these people had decades ago.

Stop by to chat with them anytime, over a cup of coffee! They love talking about the milestones that brought them back together.

Hope to see you soon!